Local Paralympian positive in spite of setbacks


Local Bruce County Paralympian, Josh Cassidy, has always maintained that “Adversity makes you better” but sometimes when you come up against a bureaucracy, it can be a struggle to maintain that positive attitude.

Josh Cassidy of Burgoyne in Bruce County  recently found that out when he was surprisingly cut from ‘Team Canada’, despite being ranked 5th in the world at what he does best – wheelchair racing.  He is also the 28-time Canadian Champion and Canadian record holder for the 5000M, 1000M and the marathon.

The cut meant a drastic cut in funding and, Cassidy was forced to sell his home.

While known as a positive motivational public speaker, on a personal level, Cassidy is a private person.  So, it was with a surprise turn of events, in being cut, that he is speaking out publicly about “what it takes”.

See Josh’s Message Here

Cassidy is continuing to train and is not looking back but forward in a quest to take part in the 2020 Paralympian Olympics.