Students of ‘home of the Hawks’ create new work of art

G. C. Huston Artists
(L-R) Zanne Stassen, Mya Falesy, Abby Skinner, Serena Trelford-Ladd, Zach Leaver, Jacques Lariviere and Layla Cushnie
Work of Art depicts young hockey players
Saugeen Shores Mayor Mike Smith congratulates artist Zach Leaver

Southampton Coliseum will soon have a new work of art in the foyer for everyone to see and it was created by students of G. C. Huston Public School.

Thanks to the teachers at the school, the arts are continuing to thrive and help students delve into an area that, for some, becomes a passion.

The concept of the new art work was created by student Zach Leaver and, with the help of student friends and teacher, Mdm. McKay, the work was completed in two months and before the school year-end.

The work was revealed on Wednesday, June 6th, and depicts young hockey players bearing the jersey numbers of the some of the artists who also play hockey.

Included in the art is a tribute to the Caitlyn Cobean Memorial Hockey Tournament

Saugeen Shores Mayor Mike Smith was also at the reveal and said that it is another indication of how a community comes together.